9/11 Confronting the Past

9/11 Confronting the Past

9/11, Anthrax & Doctor Death – Confronting the Ghosts of the Past


Confront • verb 1 meet face to face in hostility or defiance. 2 (of a problem) present itself to. 3 face up to and deal with (a problem). 4 compel to face or consider something.


It’s interesting that the filmmakers and authors behind Anthrax War/Dead Silence found ourselves on opposite sides of the globe during the week of 9/11 – Eric Nadler on the West coast of the USA showcasing the film at the 9/11 Truth Film Festival and myself Bob Coen in South Africa at the Tri Continental Human Rights Film Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa… During our investigation we came to realize that -9/11, anthrax and the man who came to be called Doctor Death, the Mengele of the South Africa’s racist apartheid regime, are all part of this global shadow world of secrets.

9/11 and anthrax will always be inexecrably linked – “the one, two punch against our Republic” as Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law put it… even though the anthrax attacks appear to be all but forgotten, not only now eight years after the event, but beginning just months after the anthrax letter attacks spread fear and panic across the USA and beyond when the story faded from the headlines.

While the attacks on the Twin Towers are remembered and ritualized it’s almost as if we just don’t want to know about germ warfare… it’s too scary… too dark. And you know what – it is… and more.

To begin with the very basis of germ weapons research undermines the moral foundations our so called “civilized” societies are built upon – a subversion of the life-sciences into the death-sciences. Instead of finding cures for germs, actually turning them into more efficient and deadly killers.

And it doesn’t get much darker than Doctor Death…

Following leads on the anthrax trail took us across four continents – filming outside the high security perimeter fences of some of the world’s most secret germ war labs (and inside a couple), tracking down and talking to experts and scientists some of whom were members of the so called “International Bio-Weapons Mafia”. None was more chilling than the face to face we got with Doctor Death – Wouter Basson, the army scientist who headed apartheid South Africa’s secret germ war program – Project Coast.

Shrouded in mystery and hidden behind front companies that used worldwide intelligence connections, the shocking activities of the program only emerged after the fall of apartheid – revealing a shockingly sophisticated operation that had 200 scientists developing germ war agents to be used against the country’s black population.

This was one of the very few interviews Doctor Death has given and for the first time he talks candidly about the help the received from the West, his relationship with David Kelly and the creation of “the Black Bomb” an agent that could sterilize blacks without their knowledge.

Larry... Mad as hatter...

Larry... Mad as hatter...

And then there’s his strange relationship with Larry Ford, the Mormon gynecologist to Hollywood stars who was also moonlighting for the South Africans and had CIA connections. Some experts we spoke to wonder whether Doctor Death’s program provided a convenient off-shore operation for Western germ ware experimentation.

So it’s especially fitting that the South African premiere of Anthrax War was held in Soweto – the township where the final struggle against apartheid was born and where so much blood was spilled in the fight for freedom. In attendance were some of the “Rainbow Nation” generation, students like Phunulani Khanyile and Mbuso Mkhize who are eager to about the sins of the past of their young democracy and the threat that germ weapons pose to the future of our planet today.

Soweto Anthrax Posse

Soweto Anthrax Posse

It’s a reminder of how we are all connected… and it’s time for people everywhere to confront the demons of germ war.