9/11 – Anthrax, 9/11 and Truth

9/11 – Anthrax, 9/11 and Truth

Posted On: October 6, 2009
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9/11, Anthrax & Truth


Truth • noun (pl. truths /trooths, troo&ulth;z/) 1 the quality or state of being true. 2 (also the truth) that which is true as opposed to false. 3 a fact or belief that is accepted as true.


We, as the producers of ANTHRAX WAR, want our film to be seen by as many audiences as possible. That is why we didn’t think twice when the representatives of the Fifth Annual “9/11 Truth Film Festival” in Oakland, California contacted us and asked if we would be interested in screening our film as part of their 9/11 observances this year. This crowd of so-called ‘truthers’ exists on the fringes of polite political discourse in the U.S. and beyond. And we, filmmakers who rely upon mainstream journalism contacts for funding—i.e. the Canadian Broadcasting Corp, PBS in the States, and the ARTE Network in Europe—know that it is possible that we could experience some professional discomfort by being associated with these folks in any way.

Yet we believe that ‘conspiracy theorists’– as the ‘truthers’– have been labeled/libeled—is just an ugly sobriquet tossed at those who dare to question the official narrative promoted by government officials and broadcast by the mainstream media.

As serious investigative journalists who’ve made it a cardinal principal to challenge the ‘official story’ in most of our work, we feel a certain kinship with these “truth” skeptics and thus readily agreed to show our film at their event held at the beautiful Grand Theatre in Oakland, California Sept 9 and 10th, 2009.

We especially loved the fact that actor Ed Asner pitched our film and the fest on the radio and we enjoyed the publicity burst we received as a result on Pacifica Radio flagship KPFA and assorted media.

The impressive crowd of 500 souls who came to the screening was receptive to the arguments of our film, and we sold bunches of DVDs, trading cards and books during that weekend.

We also took the opportunity to film the events of that 9/11 anniversary weekend in the Bay area, and thus were planted the seeds of a new project of ours that examines the ‘Truth Movement’ as a fascinating cultural and political phenomenon. It is something that for now we’re calling “9/11—Where Truthers Dare”…and filming will continue as events heat up in the coming days….


FYI, our association with the fringe does not seem to have hurt our mainstream reputation. After returning from Oakland, we learned that our film has been nominated for the prestigious PRIX EUROPA for outstanding work in Current Affairs documentary.

The winner wil be announced next month…